If you’re just starting out with CBD, start with the lowest dosage in your weight range for the condition you’re hoping to alleviate.

Take the smallest dose for a few days and see if it helps with what you’re looking for. If you don’t feel a difference, move up to a higher dose, and take that for a few days. Keep a record of how much you’re taking, and notice when you hit the “sweet spot” where the dose really works for you.

These are the dosing ranges based on body weight only. These are DAILY doses (i.e. the total mg of CBD you will take throughout the day — either in one dose, or dosed throughout the day, depending on what condition you’re treating).

Please keep in mind there are many things besides body weight that contribute to the ideal dosing for CBD — the most important factor being your personal sensitivity to CBD, which you’ll need to experiment with to figure out.

These are very general guidelines – everyone is different! Please consult your medical provider before starting any CBD regimen.